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About Us 3 Hi there, my name is Stephanie Young, but please call me Steph!

My whole life, I have LOVED camping. Laying out under the stars, huddling around the fire with friends and family, and most importantly, spreading the love with that family by feeding them campfire feasts.

I’m a Denver girl, but I moved to Texas recently to open myself up to more of what the world has to offer. I love the campgrounds in Texas and how much more time there is to go camping and enjoy the great outdoors.

Still, my favorite campground will ALWAYS be Arapaho National Recreation Area in Denver. It’s not as populated as the others (shhh, don’t tell), but it’s just as beautiful and wonderful as any other great outdoor areas surrounding Denver.

As an avid camper and hiker, I’m also big into environmental conservation. People who camp love nature, but sometimes we can be wasteful by leaving trash in campgrounds or buying camping gear that wasn’t built in an eco-friendly way. I wanted to make this website so I could give advice on how to camp through our blog and to connect people with the best products available so you can camp in adherence to the golden rule: Leave everything in nature how you found it.

You can find me consulting for Two Rabbits Media or volunteering for a number of conservation groups to help the environment. I also have a Twitter, which you can find here.

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