About CampingCooks.com

Campingcooks.com was started by a group of dedicated campers – both hardcore and weekend warriors.

Stephanie Young Campingcooks.comCampingCooks.com Operations

Stephanie Young is the main driver and operator of the website. By-the-way, Stephanie goes by “Steph” and lives in the Denver, Colorado area.

You can follow Steph’s Twitter feed here.

Steph started campingcooks.com because she saw the need for a simple website to do two things; give good reviews of camping cookware and camping gear while also offering up some good advice (through the blog) about camping and hiking.

Though Steph loves her job, she spends most of her free time hiking and camping in the Colorado wilderness. And while camping, her next favorite thing is cooking (and eating) while camping.

“Camping makes us one with nature – and nature reminds us from which we came.” – Steph Young

steph young photo arapahoSteph is often joined (don’t hike alone!) by her friend from work, Dan and his partner. One of their favorite hiking and camping areas is the Arapaho National Recreation Area near Denver. It’s not as popular and crowded than other others (shhh.. don’t tell) but it’s just as beautiful and wonderful as the other great outdoor areas surrounding the mile-high city.

As an avid camper and hiker, Steph is also very much an environmentalist. Always supporting, both through volunteer work and other means, groups and non-profits that work to save our precious forests, prairies and outdoor spaces.

And as a reminder, Steph does earn fees by linking products reviewed to Amazon.com. You can read more on our Privacy Policy here.