Going Camping? Should You Buy an RV or Trailer?

camping cooking and rv'sBuying a recreational vehicle comes with a number of considerations as owners often have to learn how to drive the vehicle and perform basic maintenance. However, many owners appreciate the advantages of owning an RV and the ability to plan for long road trips including great camping and a good number of the comforts they have at home.

When might it be best to buy an RV and when is a travel trailer a better option? Explore some key advantages and differences today.

Why Purchase an RV

First-time RV owners can buy either new or used and add more features to their RV as time goes on. That means that if the budget only allows for a bare bones model, it does not preclude the ability to upgrade and customize the RV when funds become available. There are multiple ways to get started in the lifestyle without a huge commitment, such as with pop up campers or small travel trailers, but living quarters are smaller than with other options. People considering an RV can compare towables as well as drivable motorhomes, and may prefer towables as they can detach their primary vehicle for a short day trip. Read more Going Camping? Should You Buy an RV or Trailer?

Camping Vacation Tips: Leave time for the Unexpected

camping-road tripEvery destination has hidden delights and unexpected treasures that are easy to miss if one pre-programs every minute. Although it’s always wise, not to mention fun, to do some initial research before setting out for a new destination, it is often a mistake to plan so many activities that spontaneity is impossible. From quirky small museums to early morning walks and purely local eateries, try to seek out the unusual attractions that can become highlights of the trip. Concentrate on memory-making rather than simply chalking off bucket list destinations.

Here’s how to make every trip a new adventure:

Talk to Local People

Ask for suggestions of places to go and things to do from local resident and workers: Cabbies, hotel clerks, shopkeepers and diners at a nearby restaurant table are usually more than willing to offer ideas. Rather than booking a managed bus tour of a new city, arm yourself with a route map and schedule and explore via local buses. Arrange a two or three-hour excursion with a cab driver, at a specified fee, to gain an overview of a city’s various attractions. It works as well in Malmo as it does in Miami or Milwaukee! Read more Camping Vacation Tips: Leave time for the Unexpected

5 Must See National Parks for Camping Enthusiasts

best national parksSince the creation of the National Park System in 1916, millions of outdoor enthusiasts have conquered trails, waters, and peaks, and rested their heads amid these preserved wilderness areas.

Because each park has so much pristine beauty and adventures to be enjoyed, camping for a few nights, enjoying morning coffee brewed with a great camping coffee pot, can give visitors more time to explore the natural wonders surrounding them.

Though there are some terrific high adventure hiking trails in America, here are five of the best national parks for camping.

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Best known for its healing thermal waters, Hot Springs National Park is camper’s paradise. Read more 5 Must See National Parks for Camping Enthusiasts

Find High Adventure Hiking Trails from Coast to Coast

Best hiking trails campingcooks.com

Almost everyone knows about the Appalachian Trail, Glacier National Park and the Pecos Wilderness, but for anyone who loves blue sky, great scenery and a good workout, there are dozens of other opportunities to hit the trail.

State and National Parks are, of course, a great resource, and almost all feature well-marked paths, scenic beauty, picnic areas and campgrounds for those who are interested in more than just day trips. Overnight camping in State & National Parks brings memories of fun, play and great meals cooked in simmering camp cooking pots over crackling campfires.

Adventurers have long touted the natural beauty of both Alaska and Hawaii, and that isn’t in dispute. But for residents of the Continental United States, there are closer-to-home options, some even located in big city locales, parks and other areas. Here are a handful of choices for vacations, with hiking trails that don’t require “expert” status: Read more Find High Adventure Hiking Trails from Coast to Coast

Camping Throughout the Year: Best Activities by the Season

camping by the season and camping activitiesTo some people, camping means pitching a tent at a local campsite and sitting around a campfire making coffee in a great camping coffee pot. Camping isn’t camping unless some special campers are headed out on the open road in a luxury camper, with sights set on a National Park.

Regardless of the type of camping experience that an individual prefers, it’s important to know that anyone can go camping during any time of the year. Camping throughout the different seasons allows campers to try new and exciting activities during each visit.

Spring Camping Activities that Make the Spirit Bloom

As the ground begins to thaw and the air becomes mild once again, spring is often the perfect time to set out on the first camping adventure of the year. There are certain activities that campers can only enjoy during the springtime, including: Read more Camping Throughout the Year: Best Activities by the Season