How to Plan for Cooking While Camping Outdoors

campfire cookingCooking in the great outdoors is not only a primal way to enjoy a night, but it’s also a fun way to challenge campers to do more with a little less. The good news is that there’s no reason to compromise on taste just because the chef is miles away from their beloved double oven.

For more satisfying flavors and easier prep work, use these five tools to add a little gourmet to an otherwise gritty camping experience. 

A Camping Wok

A wok is versatile enough to make everything from meats to vegetables.

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5 Must-Try Easy Campfire & Camping Cook Recipes

Campfire recipesOne of the best parts of camping is eating food cooked over an open flame. Even if the food itself is simple, there’s something satisfying about enjoying it outside in the open air with all the natural elements surrounding you. Whether it’s hot dogs or marshmallows, families, couples, and individuals have enjoyed plenty of meals with just the right amount of char to them. If you’re looking for something a little more challenging though, it’s time to try these campfire recipes.

Campfire Mac & Cheese

Far from just warming up some water to make instant mac and cheese, campers can make this meal using a good camping pot over a flame with just a few simple ingredients. Use macaroni, parmesan, mozzarella, and cheddar, and combine it with Alfredo sauce and half-and-half. Make sure that the pasta is somewhat cooled before putting in the cheese, otherwise the cheese will melt into one large clump. Once all the ingredients are in the pot, simply stir it all together. Use foil tins to distribute the macaroni, and then enjoy! Read more 5 Must-Try Easy Campfire & Camping Cook Recipes

Tools and Equipment Needed for Successful Camping

Essential camping tools and cookware

Whether a person has never camped before or it’s just been a while, it’s easy to overlook a few essential pieces of equipment. Even the most industrious of pros may miss an item or two! But beginner or intermediate campers can’t skip the prep stages before they set off on an adventure.

The right equipment can be the difference between a successful camping outing and a disaster. For a better trip, consider the following before heading out into the great unknown.

Camping Shelter

Tents are normally the shelter of choice for most campers, but tents are more than just a big tarp covering up the campers. Read more Tools and Equipment Needed for Successful Camping