The Wilderness Barista’s Handbook: How to Brew (Good) Coffee Outdoors

Drinking Coffee OutdoorsTo many people, enjoying the great outdoors means stepping away from the comforts of home. However, just because you’re away from civilization doesn’t mean you can’t have a good cup of coffee. With the right equipment and a little knowledge, you can have an excellent cup of joe every morning. In this piece, you’ll learn how the right grind, clean water, and proper ratios can help you prepare a good cup of coffee even while you’re away from it all.

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Brewing Perfect Coffee When Camping

best brewed coffee when campingGreat java requires a camper to measure the right amount of ground coffee beans, based on the quantity of water being used. This is the most basic of all brewing fundamentals, but one that’s often skipped by many beginners. Getting the right percentage of coffee to water is not simple especially while camping.

Getting the right aluminum camping coffee pot is your first step. But then adjust according to other variables, such as the specific beans you are using, your type of roast and your grind. Fine grinds produce a more powerful brew than the same step of a coarse grind. Read more Brewing Perfect Coffee When Camping

Indoor Camping Activities to Do With Your Children

bad weather camping with kidsWhat parent hasn’t expressed aloud, or at least to themselves, “Stop growing up so fast!”, when talking about their children? The reality is, parents are busy today and that can contribute to the speed of our available time. That’s just one of the reasons why when an opportunity is presented to enjoy quality time indoors with children we should make the most of it.

And even when a camping trip turns into an indoor trip, there are still ways to make camping fun. Here are some activities you can do with children while indoors on a camping trip. Read more Indoor Camping Activities to Do With Your Children

Camping Vacation Tips: Leave time for the Unexpected

camping-road tripEvery destination has hidden delights and unexpected treasures that are easy to miss if one pre-programs every minute. Although it’s always wise, not to mention fun, to do some initial research before setting out for a new destination, it is often a mistake to plan so many activities that spontaneity is impossible. From quirky small museums to early morning walks and purely local eateries, try to seek out the unusual attractions that can become highlights of the trip. Concentrate on memory-making rather than simply chalking off bucket list destinations.

Here’s how to make every trip a new adventure:

Talk to Local People

Ask for suggestions of places to go and things to do from local resident and workers: Cabbies, hotel clerks, shopkeepers and diners at a nearby restaurant table are usually more than willing to offer ideas. Rather than booking a managed bus tour of a new city, arm yourself with a route map and schedule and explore via local buses. Arrange a two or three-hour excursion with a cab driver, at a specified fee, to gain an overview of a city’s various attractions. It works as well in Malmo as it does in Miami or Milwaukee! Read more Camping Vacation Tips: Leave time for the Unexpected

How to Select a Tent: Tent Seasonality

choose a tent

People across the country want to spend more time outdoors. Connecting with nature and getting away from the daily grind can be easily done with a suitable tent and gear. That being said, those new to backpacking and camping may want to learn more about selecting the right tent for the seasons and conditions which may be encountered. What should backpackers and campers know about tent seasonality?

Learn more about picking a tent that will perform well in 3 seasons and more today.

The Most Popular Tents

Many people choosing to backpack or visit a National Park go for a 3-season tent. These tents are generally lightweight and should perform well during spring, summer and fall, as long as conditions stay temperate. A three-season tent will: Read more How to Select a Tent: Tent Seasonality