The Wilderness Barista’s Handbook: How to Brew (Good) Coffee Outdoors

Drinking Coffee OutdoorsTo many people, enjoying the great outdoors means stepping away from the comforts of home. However, just because you’re away from civilization doesn’t mean you can’t have a good cup of coffee. With the right equipment and a little knowledge, you can have an excellent cup of joe every morning. In this piece, you’ll learn how the right grind, clean water, and proper ratios can help you prepare a good cup of coffee even while you’re away from it all.

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How Hike Difficulty is Determined

trail ratingsA few hours spent hiking in nature is all some need to relax and refuel. However, those new to hiking may not be aware that some trails may be deemed more difficult than others. From length to gradient and more, there are a number of factors that may make for a harder hike. Those with health issues, are getting back into hiking after an injury, or are new to this thoroughly enjoyable activity want to do all that they can to hike without endangering their health. Understand more about hiking difficulty and how ratings are determined today.

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Backpacking Necessities for Safety and Emergency Situations

Backpacking tipsAn emergency can arise at any time on a hike, and preparation is the key to getting out of many wilderness situations safely.

Whether it’s a scraped knee, an unexpected rainstorm, a wild animal approaching or getting lost on the trails, here are some backpacking essentials to bring along to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Essential Orientation and Navigation Supplies

Getting lost can quickly escalate into cause for concern, making navigation and orientation tools a must for backpackers. Topographic maps, GPS systems and a compass can be a hiker’s best friends in such situations. While GPS apps may be useful, but don’t rely solely on the technology functioning properly in the wilderness. Of course, knowing how to properly use a compass and having one handy can also be a lifesaver for reading those maps and getting oriented with positioning. Read more Backpacking Necessities for Safety and Emergency Situations

4 Tips for Picking Better, More Durable Hiking Boots

Best hiking boots

All hiking boot manufacturers tend to make similar claims, so it can be difficult to decipher which ones will be best for each hiker’s chosen excursions. To make it worse, personal reviews can be time-consuming to comb through when everyone has their own preferences (and of course, foot shape.)

And just like other camping equipment consumer items, such as tents, camping cookware or backpacks, every manufacturer claims to be the best, cheapest or highest ranked. 

The good news is that shoppers don’t necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg to get the best in shoes. However, they may have to do a little research before they decide. Read more 4 Tips for Picking Better, More Durable Hiking Boots

All You Want To Know About Hiking Backpacks

Hiking backpacks

Most people know from an early age that having a quality backpack can make a difference when it comes to getting around and carrying essential camping equipment. Essential camping equipment like tents, a good camping cookware set, food and water.

A strap that’s starting to come undone at the seams can put a significant amount of stress on a person (both mentally and physically.) For serious backpackers, there’s nothing worse than realizing that a backpack is inadequate about halfway through a trip.

No matter what the store’s return policy is, it won’t help if campers are deep in the woods when their backpack falls to pieces. To avoid this type of distress, keep the following tips in mind. Read more All You Want To Know About Hiking Backpacks