How Hike Difficulty is Determined

trail ratingsA few hours spent hiking in nature is all some need to relax and refuel. However, those new to hiking may not be aware that some trails may be deemed more difficult than others. From length to gradient and more, there are a number of factors that may make for a harder hike. Those with health issues, are getting back into hiking after an injury, or are new to this thoroughly enjoyable activity want to do all that they can to hike without endangering their health. Understand more about hiking difficulty and how ratings are determined today.

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Basic Camp Fire Safety Tips

campfire safeCamp fires smell great, look wonderful and are fun to sit around on a cool night in the woods. Campfires are great for cooking and making a steamy pot of coffee.

They are great for cookingThat said, camp fires can be hazardous as well. Knowing how to take care of a fire and how to stay safe around a fire is important for anyone who spends time around camp fires this summer.

Wear Tight Clothing

Loose fitting clothing can be a hazard when cooking or working around an open flame. For safety’s sake, campers must wear tight clothing when building, tending to and cooking over a camp fire. Even those who are not primarily caring for the fire should still wear fire-safe clothing to sit in the vicinity of the flames. Read more Basic Camp Fire Safety Tips

Camping Dangers To Be Aware Of This Summer

camping dangersCamping can be fun, but it can also be dangerous for someone who doesn’t know how to avoid common camping hazards.

For someone who wants to go camping and stay safe, knowing about some of the most common hazards is important. Being prepared is a good way to have a fun, relaxing time out in the woods. 

Fire Danger

The danger of wild fire can be extreme in the summer. To prevent the destruction of park property and to keep campers safe, many parks have strict rules regulating campfires during the dry times of year. Parks may require campers to carry buckets or shovels for extinguishing fires. In areas where campfires are not allowed, campers may need to bring alternative forms of heat or an alternative tool for cooking.  Read more Camping Dangers To Be Aware Of This Summer

The Best Mountaineering Tools for Safer Climbing

Mountaineering gearMountaineering is undoubtedly one of the most exciting activities that a person can take up, but it’s also one of the more dangerous things a hard-core outdoors person can do.

Just one fall can result in a severe injury and potentially even call for emergency responders to visit the scene.

Luckily, the right tools and the best small camping sets can make it easier to handle the unexpected events that may come up when you want a more challenging experience. Read more The Best Mountaineering Tools for Safer Climbing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wildlife Interaction While Camping

Camping and animal interactionsWhether camping in a tent or staying in a luxury RV, campers often spend most of their time outside hiking the local trails, cooking over the fire with a great cooking pot and enjoying late night chats underneath the stars.

While spending all of this time in the great outdoors, there’s bound to be an encounter with the local wildlife. So it’s important to not only stay safe while camping, but know what to do when encountering wildlife while camping.

This guide offers insight into what campers need to know about the do’s and don’ts of interacting with wildlife while camping. Read more The Do’s and Don’ts of Wildlife Interaction While Camping