Indoor Camping Activities to Do With Your Children

bad weather camping with kidsWhat parent hasn’t expressed aloud, or at least to themselves, “Stop growing up so fast!”, when talking about their children? The reality is, parents are busy today and that can contribute to the speed of our available time. That’s just one of the reasons why when an opportunity is presented to enjoy quality time indoors with children we should make the most of it.

And even when a camping trip turns into an indoor trip, there are still ways to make camping fun. Here are some activities you can do with children while indoors on a camping trip. Read more Indoor Camping Activities to Do With Your Children

Going Camping? Should You Buy an RV or Trailer?

camping cooking and rv'sBuying a recreational vehicle comes with a number of considerations as owners often have to learn how to drive the vehicle and perform basic maintenance. However, many owners appreciate the advantages of owning an RV and the ability to plan for long road trips including great camping and a good number of the comforts they have at home.

When might it be best to buy an RV and when is a travel trailer a better option? Explore some key advantages and differences today.

Why Purchase an RV

First-time RV owners can buy either new or used and add more features to their RV as time goes on. That means that if the budget only allows for a bare bones model, it does not preclude the ability to upgrade and customize the RV when funds become available. There are multiple ways to get started in the lifestyle without a huge commitment, such as with pop up campers or small travel trailers, but living quarters are smaller than with other options. People considering an RV can compare towables as well as drivable motorhomes, and may prefer towables as they can detach their primary vehicle for a short day trip. Read more Going Camping? Should You Buy an RV or Trailer?

How to Select a Tent: Tent Seasonality

choose a tent

People across the country want to spend more time outdoors. Connecting with nature and getting away from the daily grind can be easily done with a suitable tent and gear. That being said, those new to backpacking and camping may want to learn more about selecting the right tent for the seasons and conditions which may be encountered. What should backpackers and campers know about tent seasonality?

Learn more about picking a tent that will perform well in 3 seasons and more today.

The Most Popular Tents

Many people choosing to backpack or visit a National Park go for a 3-season tent. These tents are generally lightweight and should perform well during spring, summer and fall, as long as conditions stay temperate. A three-season tent will: Read more How to Select a Tent: Tent Seasonality

Camping Etiquette 101: A Quick Guide to Campground Courtesy

Camping kindness and EtiquetteWhen soaking in the glories of the great outdoors, campers are living in the home of Mother Nature and wildlife. These spaces should be treated with the utmost courtesy. Furthermore, these areas are shared with other campers, who also deserve to be respected.

By following these few simple tips for camping etiquette, individuals and groups can ensure that they don’t become the ‘bad apples’ of the campground.

Be Mindful of Campsite Quiet Time

Most camping grounds have set hours considered ‘quiet time,’ which generally fall between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Read more Camping Etiquette 101: A Quick Guide to Campground Courtesy

What to Bring When Camping in a Tent


Tent campingThere’s nothing quite like a night in a tent – tent camping. The only thing that separates a camper from the stars is the thin sheet of canvas that hovers over them.

While staying in a tent, the sounds of the night forest will become the nighttime lullaby and the warmth of the sun will be the morning alarm. And after waking up in your tent, looking forward to starting that warm campfire and smelling that first cup of steaming coffee from your best camping coffee pot.

However, tent camping is a bit more challenging than other types of camping – or a simple day hike. In order to fully enjoy the tent camping experience, it’s imperative that campers have the right supplies on hand. Read more What to Bring When Camping in a Tent