How to Select a Tent: Tent Seasonality

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People across the country want to spend more time outdoors. Connecting with nature and getting away from the daily grind can be easily done with a suitable tent and gear. That being said, those new to backpacking and camping may want to learn more about selecting the right tent for the seasons and conditions which may be encountered. What should backpackers and campers know about tent seasonality?

Learn more about picking a tent that will perform well in 3 seasons and more today.

The Most Popular Tents

Many people choosing to backpack or visit a National Park go for a 3-season tent. These tents are generally lightweight and should perform well during spring, summer and fall, as long as conditions stay temperate. A three-season tent will: Read more How to Select a Tent: Tent Seasonality

The Best Mountaineering Tools for Safer Climbing

Mountaineering gearMountaineering is undoubtedly one of the most exciting activities that a person can take up, but it’s also one of the more dangerous things a hard-core outdoors person can do.

Just one fall can result in a severe injury and potentially even call for emergency responders to visit the scene.

Luckily, the right tools and the best small camping sets can make it easier to handle the unexpected events that may come up when you want a more challenging experience. Read more The Best Mountaineering Tools for Safer Climbing

Backpacking Necessities for Safety and Emergency Situations

Backpacking tipsAn emergency can arise at any time on a hike, and preparation is the key to getting out of many wilderness situations safely.

Whether it’s a scraped knee, an unexpected rainstorm, a wild animal approaching or getting lost on the trails, here are some backpacking essentials to bring along to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Essential Orientation and Navigation Supplies

Getting lost can quickly escalate into cause for concern, making navigation and orientation tools a must for backpackers. Topographic maps, GPS systems and a compass can be a hiker’s best friends in such situations. While GPS apps may be useful, but don’t rely solely on the technology functioning properly in the wilderness. Of course, knowing how to properly use a compass and having one handy can also be a lifesaver for reading those maps and getting oriented with positioning. Read more Backpacking Necessities for Safety and Emergency Situations

4 Tips for Picking Better, More Durable Hiking Boots

Best hiking boots

All hiking boot manufacturers tend to make similar claims, so it can be difficult to decipher which ones will be best for each hiker’s chosen excursions. To make it worse, personal reviews can be time-consuming to comb through when everyone has their own preferences (and of course, foot shape.)

And just like other camping equipment consumer items, such as tents, camping cookware or backpacks, every manufacturer claims to be the best, cheapest or highest ranked. 

The good news is that shoppers don’t necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg to get the best in shoes. However, they may have to do a little research before they decide. Read more 4 Tips for Picking Better, More Durable Hiking Boots

3 Camping Tools You Can Use to Purify Water

Camping purify water

One of the best parts of camping is the ability to throw off the trappings of day-to-day life and reconnect with what’s really important.

But camping and hiking require us to usually bring our own equipment. Equipment like our own food, water, a good mess kit, tents and spare clothing. However, one of the most cumbersome (and heavy) items is just plain old water. Just one U.S. gallon of water weighs over 8 pounds! And while outdoors, it’s recommended that we drink at least 2 liters (or over 1/2 gallon) of water a day. So a three day hike would mean carrying over 10 pounds of water.

However, campers can make use of natural water sources rather than bringing their own, but they should never assume it’s safe to drink as is (even if it’s naturally running water.) To keep everyone healthy, use one of the following tools to purify the water source. Read more 3 Camping Tools You Can Use to Purify Water