Camping Throughout the Year: Best Activities by the Season

camping by the season and camping activitiesTo some people, camping means pitching a tent at a local campsite and sitting around a campfire making coffee in a great camping coffee pot. Camping isn’t camping unless some special campers are headed out on the open road in a luxury camper, with sights set on a National Park.

Regardless of the type of camping experience that an individual prefers, it’s important to know that anyone can go camping during any time of the year. Camping throughout the different seasons allows campers to try new and exciting activities during each visit.

Spring Camping Activities that Make the Spirit Bloom

As the ground begins to thaw and the air becomes mild once again, spring is often the perfect time to set out on the first camping adventure of the year. There are certain activities that campers can only enjoy during the springtime, including: Read more Camping Throughout the Year: Best Activities by the Season

5 Kid-Friendly Outdoor Camping Activities

kid friendly Outdoor camping activitiesWhen children are so used to plugging in and logging on, camping is one of the best ways to get kids to take a breather. But while some kids take to camping like a fish in water, others may need a little more help.

Fun activities not only help kids have a better time when they’re outdoors, they can also give the next generation an appreciation for all of the natural splendor surrounding them. Try these 5 activities when you take children camping to make your next trip a little more special.

Hunting Animal Tracks with Children

Hunting for animal tracks gives children a chance to learn more about the types of wildlife surrounding them, but they may appreciate it more if parents turn the game into a mystery.  Read more 5 Kid-Friendly Outdoor Camping Activities