Rock Stacking: Modern Art or Destructive Graffiti?

The practice of building cairns—or stacking rocks into “signposts” in wilderness areas—is not new. In fact, it’s a tradition that dates to ancient times and has significance to many cultures. But now it’s being decried by environmentalists and park rangers. This is because it can be detrimental to life forms and natural land drainage patterns. It also seems to fly in the face of “leave no trace” camping.

Though rock stacking seems like it may be a harmless way to leave a mark on nature, critics of rock stacking believe it signals a disturbing lack of concern about the natural environment. Particularly for the future of fragile ecosystems.

Here’s why it matters, according to naturalists and those who are charged with keeping parks and public spaces healthy and as pristine as possible. Read more Rock Stacking: Modern Art or Destructive Graffiti?

Find High Adventure Hiking Trails from Coast to Coast

Best hiking trails

Almost everyone knows about the Appalachian Trail, Glacier National Park and the Pecos Wilderness, but for anyone who loves blue sky, great scenery and a good workout, there are dozens of other opportunities to hit the trail.

State and National Parks are, of course, a great resource, and almost all feature well-marked paths, scenic beauty, picnic areas and campgrounds for those who are interested in more than just day trips. Overnight camping in State & National Parks brings memories of fun, play and great meals cooked in simmering camp cooking pots over crackling campfires.

Adventurers have long touted the natural beauty of both Alaska and Hawaii, and that isn’t in dispute. But for residents of the Continental United States, there are closer-to-home options, some even located in big city locales, parks and other areas. Here are a handful of choices for vacations, with hiking trails that don’t require “expert” status: Read more Find High Adventure Hiking Trails from Coast to Coast

4 Best Camping and Survival Apps for Your Phone

Camping survival appsWhen we head out into the woods for a camping weekend, we usually think of it as a time to turn off our digital devices and reconnect with nature.

And though many campers are leaving their cell phones at home, there are some great uses for a cell phone while camping. Of course we all know of the maps and the recipes that one can cook in the best camping cookware sets. But there are other applications (Apps) that one can use while camping that will enhance the experience.

App creators now have a wide array of offerings that can help you learn more about the places that you are exploring. Before you head out into the wilderness, consider adding these and other camping and survival apps to your phone. Read more 4 Best Camping and Survival Apps for Your Phone

Make the Most of the Great Outdoors With These Five Camping Safety Tips

Camping SafetyNature enthusiasts who love packing up their gear and their families to head for the great outdoors understand just how much careful planning is required for a successful journey.

Camping and hiking can be fun and memorable. But camping with no thought to safety or possibly emergencies can be deadly or disastrous. And though campers seem to never forget their best mess kits or sleeping bags, safety is often forgotten.

Just one missing essential can create a group of unhappy campers and possibly even unhealthy ones. With and estimated 40 million Americans camping annually, it’s important to understand how to avoid camping hazards and ways to prevent certain issues with these camping safety tips. Read more Make the Most of the Great Outdoors With These Five Camping Safety Tips

Camping Throughout the Year: Best Activities by the Season

camping by the season and camping activitiesTo some people, camping means pitching a tent at a local campsite and sitting around a campfire making coffee in a great camping coffee pot. Camping isn’t camping unless some special campers are headed out on the open road in a luxury camper, with sights set on a National Park.

Regardless of the type of camping experience that an individual prefers, it’s important to know that anyone can go camping during any time of the year. Camping throughout the different seasons allows campers to try new and exciting activities during each visit.

Spring Camping Activities that Make the Spirit Bloom

As the ground begins to thaw and the air becomes mild once again, spring is often the perfect time to set out on the first camping adventure of the year. There are certain activities that campers can only enjoy during the springtime, including: Read more Camping Throughout the Year: Best Activities by the Season