Find High Adventure Hiking Trails from Coast to Coast

Best hiking trails

Almost everyone knows about the Appalachian Trail, Glacier National Park and the Pecos Wilderness, but for anyone who loves blue sky, great scenery and a good workout, there are dozens of other opportunities to hit the trail.

State and National Parks are, of course, a great resource, and almost all feature well-marked paths, scenic beauty, picnic areas and campgrounds for those who are interested in more than just day trips. Overnight camping in State & National Parks brings memories of fun, play and great meals cooked in simmering camp cooking pots over crackling campfires.

Adventurers have long touted the natural beauty of both Alaska and Hawaii, and that isn’t in dispute. But for residents of the Continental United States, there are closer-to-home options, some even located in big city locales, parks and other areas. Here are a handful of choices for vacations, with hiking trails that don’t require “expert” status: Read more Find High Adventure Hiking Trails from Coast to Coast