Camping Cookware – Best, Ranked & Reviewed

More people are camping today than ever before. Camping helps people deal with stress and have fun! And eating and being the cook while camping is part of the fun of outdoor camping and hiking. And good, durable and useful camping cookware is a must while camping.

Fun camping cooks, camping cookwareIn addition to hiking, swimming, fishing or just reading a good book, eating and preparing meals is a big part of camping. And most of the time, you don’t even need a campfire recipe! If you plan on cooking or making a meal while camping, we have studied, ranked and reviewed cooking products and food used in camping.

Is there a lot of camping and hiking gear on the market? You bet! From tents to fold-up chairs and tables. But a few items when camping or hiking are more important than others. When camping, one of the most important things is, of course, eating! And to eat, one needs camping cookware.

Camping cookware can consist of many things; coffee pots, coolers, skillets, cookware sets, stoves & grills and of course, freeze-dried foods. Though there are many more types of camping supplies, these are the main types of camping supplies and cookware are some of the most used.

Camping Coffee Pots

Camping Hiking Coffee pot, camping cookwareWhat’s camping without coffee? We all have visions of sitting around the campfire drinking coffee. And coffee made the fashioned way, with a camping coffee pot, is some of the best coffee made.

And for those that prefer tea to coffee, most camping coffee pots let you simply remove the insides (the percolator stem and basket), to simply boil water. Boiled water can be used for more than just tea. Many freeze-dried foods or simple camping foods need to be combined with boiling water to make a hot meal.

So when choosing a coffee pot that you plan on using for camping, it’s important to note several things. First, the amount of coffee you plan on making. Is it just for you and another person? How much coffee do you make? Our reviews cover coffee pots that make from a few cups to many. It’s also important to note what the camping coffee pot is made out of. generally, camping coffee pots are made from either stainless steel, aluminum or a ceramic coating over metal.

Also when picking a camping coffee maker, note where the handle is. After all, you might be the one that has to reach into or over the cap fire to place the pot over or on the fire. Also note the quality of the construction and what the percolator top is made from. As in most small appliances, the price you pay will generally equal the quality of the product. That’s why our five-star choices are generally higher in price than our other options.

Camping Cooking Pots

Camping cooking pot camping cookwareRemember looking at cowboys stopped to camp in the old west? Usually the photo was taken around a campfire, and usually there was a large pot in or near the flame. That large pot (usually black in color) is a camping cooking pot.

Camping cooking pots are as old as camping itself. Essentially, they are simply large pots, usually with a hanging handle, that is used to cook or ward food. In the old west, this was usually beans or a stew of meat killed or captured by the cowboy. Regardless, the camping cooking pot was, and still is, an essential piece of cookware for any camping family, group or individual.

Usually made of aluminum or iron, these pots have many uses. From warming beans to boiling water, there uses are endless. There are even recipes to make great recipes in them over a campfire. Regardless of how you use a camp cook pot, they are a requirement for serious campers.

Outdoor Camping Skillets

There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs while camping. And cooking eggs and bacon in an outdoor campingcamping cooking skillet skillet is just a part of the fun and excitement of camping.

But with all of the skillets out there, which is best for camping? And what is the difference between a camping skillet and an regular kitchen skillet? Put simply, an outdoor camping skillet is made for the high heat and rough use of outdoor camping – regular kitchen skillets are not. Some kitchen skillets may have plastic or wooden handles. Though they may look nice in an indoor kitchen, they might melt or catch fire next to a roaring campfire.

Camping skillets also come in many sizes, shapes and materials. So which one to choose? We have reviewed and ranked what we consider to be the 5 best outdoor camping skillets. We paid particular attention to what they are made of and how well they would hold up in a harsh outdoor cooking environment. As a result, we chose and ranked the best five camping skillets, so you don’t have to.

Camping Cookware Sets and Mess Kits

cookware hiking mess kitsCooking over a campfire in a cast-iron skillet is great. However, when hiking up and down mountains on trails, carrying a heavy cast iron skillet in your backpack is not a good idea.

When hiking in the backcountry, the best thing to bring along in terms of cookware is a camping cookware mess kit. Since most mess kits are made from aluminum, they are very light. They are also likely smaller than a regular kitchen type skillet. And because they are light and smaller, more cooking items can be included within a set.

Cookware mess kits usually include a small skillet, pot and some utensils, such as a spoon, fork and knife. Some camping mess kits also include a small cooking stove to put under the skillet or pot to cook the food or boil the water. However, no mess kit includes the fuel needed to attach to the cooking stove such as propane. Some mess kits also include other misc. utensils such as ladles, cork screws and can openers. Often there are types of cleaning devices such as sponges, and cleaning pads. In terms of efficiency and ease of use, a compact cookware mess kit is a great idea for a hiker that needs to pack lightly.

Camping Cookware Utility Sets

Cooking over a roaring campfire is fun! And part of the fun of outdoor cooking or BBQ is using the right cooking tools and utensils to be that great outdoor chef everyone things you are.

Most cooking utensil sets include a standard set of cooking tools such as a spatula, large spoon or ladle and knife. Some include a cutting board, kitchen scissors and other items one may need in their outdoor kitchen. When reviewing  camping utility sets, we not only looked at what utensils are in the set, but what they were made of and how they were placed into the pouch.

And if you plan on taking the cooking utility set with o=you camping, make sure it is made from a material that is resistant to rain or moisture. Most sets use a zipper opening or closing mechanism, though consider placing the whole pouch in a large zip-lock plastic bag for additional protection from the elements.


Camping is fun! And buying the right camping cookware makes sure that your next camping trip is fun and the meals you cook over that raging campfire are the best they can be.